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Are you a budding surface pattern designer?

Are you studying fashion but struggling to make your designs look more professional?

Are you taking an online surface pattern class and finding the tutorials challenging?


Well, my class will help improve you skills in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I have tailored this class around what is important to know in regards to surface pattern design. I have taught Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop fulltime at schools and colleges as well as freelance for over 5 years now. My step-by-step visual demonstrations will guide you through the techniques you'll need again and again and will show you hints and tips to improve your work.

In the project you will learn:


  • Basic introduction into all of the tools in Illustrator (the main program for surface pattern design)

  • Basic introduction to Photoshop and how we use it in surface pattern design

  • How to draw accurately using the pen tool (in Adobe Illustrator)

  • The live trace tool (in Adobe Illustrator)

  • Creating a repeat pattern (in Adobe Illustrator)

  • Colouring (in Adobe Illustrator)

  • Finishing touches (in Adobe Illustrator)


What are you waiting for, join me today!


Cant wait? Get in touch here to arrange a one-to-one tailored session(s). Im based in Leicestershire and classes start at £25p/h

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